The Pacific Rim Research Program is a multicampus program established to encourage Pacific Rim research on the 10 Univeristy of California campuses and the Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources. It sponsors a competitive grants program that provides funds to UC faculty and graduate students who do research on Pacific Rim topics in a variety of disciplines.

Our 2014-15 award competition

Due to the change in leadership at the University of California President's Office, the UC Pacific Rim Research Program is currently soliciting Minigrants of up to $5,000 for Advanced Graduate Students only. No full-scale Research Grants and Programming Grants can be offered at this time. Please refer to the Call 2014-2015 for details.

Featured Research Snapshots

Over the past 27 years we have received hundreds of final reports from almost every corner within the Pacific Rim. These reports are enormously satisfying to read and truly provide a sense of how interconnected and relavant the Pacific Rim as a region is. The impotance of the funded research will no doubt be a significant part of our global future.

FR1Giacomo Bernardi

Amy Rothschild

Sergio Montero

FR4Nicole Starosielski


Thoughtful feedback

...the project is gaining a lot of momentum. Last night we went to a fundraising event and go to another one in Palo Alto next week. The seed money of Pacific Rim that started it all has been truly crucial to the success of this project that I think will go on for several years. It has made a huge difference in the lives of the members of the Ulithi community.

thank you very much,
Giacomo Bernardi
Professor, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
UC Santa Cruz

Thank you very much for your support. The PacRim grant enabled me to conduct original fieldwork in China. My collaborator and I have been producing works drawing from data collected in the fieldwork. I have also received additional funding from NSF to conduct a related larger-­‐scale research on China’s civil justice system.

Kwai Hang Ng
Professor, Department of Sociology
UC San Diego

...these results now provide a baseline for understanding the association between women’s trauma experience and health within their cultural context, an opportunity for cross-country comparison, and suggested areas for further study as well as direction for intervening to prevent or reduce the negative health consequences of such exposures. We are deeply grateful for the support that we received from the University of California Pacific Rim Research Program.

Janice Humphreys
Professor, Dept. of Family Health Care Nursing
UC San Francisco