AWARDS 2004-2011  
Stephen Cohen
Pacific Rim Network Development Project
David Dowall
The Productive Efficiency of Ports: Lessons From the Pacific Rim Seaport's Corporatization and Strategic Management
Timothy Duane
Sustainable development Strategies to Mitigate Sediment Deposition from Stormwater and Septic Runoff on Coral Reefs in Moorea, French Polynesia
Barry Eichengreen
The Institutional Foundations of Asian Financial Markets
Xiaohong Quan
Foreign Research & Development in China and Its Impact on Local Innovation Capability -- Cases from Information Technology Industries in Beijing
You-tien Hsing
Brokering Globalization: East Asian Real Estate Developers in Chinese Cities
Karen Levy
Deforestation, Development, and Diarrhea: Water and Health in a Changing Ecuadorian Landscape
James Lincoln
Workforce Commitment in Asian Employment Systems: A Survey of Factories and Employees in Japan, China and Korea
Kristen McDonald
Governing China's Nu River: A Case Study of Water and Power
John Radke
Remote Sensing and Archaeology in Southeast Asia
Zdravka Tzankova
Preventing Marine Bioinvasions in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand: Drawing Policy Insights by Comparing Science-policy Dynamics in Environmental Decision Making.
Franklin Zimring
The Death Penalty in East Asia
Marié Abe
Sounding Counter-Geographies: Chindon-ya Street Music Resurgence and Japan's Multicultural Question
Michael DeAlessi
The Intersection of Marine Reserves and Fishing Rights in New Zealand: Property, Conservation, and Community
Alice Kim
Airport Modern: The Space Between National Departures and Cosmopolitan Arrivals
Trina Mackie
Exposure Monitoring of Public Health Risk from Cyanobacteria in the Three Gorges Dam Reservoir
Khai Nguyen
Luu Quang Vu and Performance in Late Communist and Postcolonial Vietnam
Yehuda Kalay
Computational Modeling of Tangible and Intangible Cultural Heritage of Temples Along the Pacific Rim
Christopher Cherry
Implications of Electric Bicycle Use in China: Analysis of Costs and Benefits
Kari Goodman
Emerging Biodiversity: A case study in genetic, species and community level diversity of Hawaii’s endemic insects with implications for conservation
Jeffrey Hadler
Southeast Asian Voices: Developing an Online Bibliography for Southeast Asian Materials in Translation
Rebecca Hamlin
Refugees in the Balance: Exclusionary Politics, Human Rights, and Courts in Canada, the United States, and Australia
Christine Hong
A Korean Appeal to the United States': Dosan Ahn Chang-Ho and the L.A. Riots
Rose Khor
Polynesia-as-Exhibit: Investigations on Simulated, Real, and Liminal Polynesian Performances and Environments
Damon Mayrl
The Transformation of Church-State Relations in the United States and Australia, 1900-2000
Jason Morris-Jung
Roles of NGOs in consent-building processes with local communities displaced by biodiversity conservation projects in the Greater Mekong Sub-Region
Yasuyuki Motoyama
Analyzing Localizing Globalization of Japanese R&D Subsidiaries in Silicon Valley
Benjamin Runkle
Improving Remote Sensing of Agricultural Salinity in Inner Mongolia, China
Christina Sunardi
East Javanese Cross-Gender Dance in Malang: Music, Movement and the Production of Local Identity
Emily Wilcox
Techniques of Innovation: Education, Body Politic, and the Production of Aesthetic Value in China's Performing Arts Industry
Suowei Xiao
China's New Concubines? Understanding the Contemporary Second-wife Phenomenon
Crystal Chang
Developmental Strategies in a Global Economy: Creating National Champions in the Auto Industry
Margaret Conkey
Survey of prehistoric rock art on Fiji islands
Arjun Subrahmanyan
Reinventing Siam: Intellectual Culture and Political Change in 1930s Thailand
Kun Chen
China’s Transnational Professionals: Subjectivity and Cultural Practices in High-technology Innovation
Eli Friedman
The Double Movement in China: Activists, Oligarchs, Officials and the Decommodification of Labor
Bauni Hamid
Reconstruction through Collaboration: Negotiating Architecture in the Post-Tsunami Disaster Housing Reconstruction in Banda Aceh
Andrew Hao
Chinese Ethical Capitalism: Business Ethics, Managerial Rationality, and Global Flows between Post-socialist China, Singapore, and Taiwan
Kah-Wee Lee
Betting on the Future: Politics of risk and participation in Singapore and Sydney's casino competitions
Karen Sokal-Gutierrez
The Modern Crisis of Childhood Malnutrition in the Pacific Rim: Investigating the Shift from Traditional Diets to Non-Nutritious Processed Foods
Erin Collins
Recombinant Social(ist) Networks on the Landscape of the Lower Mekong River Delta
Youjeong Oh
Korean TV Drama: The Transformation of Spaces in East Asia
Jerry Zee
Sustainable Borderlands: Science, Environment, and Governance in Desertified Inner Asia
Hun Kim Categorical Erosion: Urban Land Capitalization and Governance in Vietnam
Sergio Montero The Politics of Policy Circulation: Mobilizing Bogota's Green Urbanisms in Guadalajara and San Francisco
Sujin Eom

Chinatown Urbanism: Open Ports and the Making of Chinatowns in East Asia

Meredyth Sneed

Chinese NGOs after Foxconn: Building a Sustainable Ethics on China’s Factory Floor

Fabiana Li
Environmental Politics in an Era of Transnationalism: Tracing the Networks of Multinational Mining and Political Activism from Peru to Canada
Gowoon Noh
Life on the Border: Korean-Chinese Negotiating National Belonging and Transnational Capitals in the Global Economy
Loukas Barton
Transition, Causation, and Co-Evolution: Plant Domestication and Human Diet in Neolithic North China
Susan Cameron
Designing Nature Reserves in Melanesia: Community Based Conservation in a Biodiversity Hotspot.
Guotong Li
A Migrant Society: Gender and Ethnic Relations Along the Southeast Coast in Eighteenth Century China
Robert Moorehead
Re-Imagining the City: Japanese Natives, Foreign Newcomers, and Community Identity in Nagoya, Japan
Hirotsugu Uchida
Comparative Analysis of Coastal Fisheries Management in Chile and Japan
Marisol de la Cadena
Indigenous Politics in the Andean Region
Willie Hiatt
The Fast Lane of World History: Communication and Transportation Technology in the Construction of Andean Modernity, 1883-1950
Gregory Love
Political Institutions, Candidate Quality, and the Consolidation of Democracy in Latin America
Rossio Motta
Dealing with Madness: Following the Production of Psychiatric Knowledge from the US to Peru
Bettina Ng’weno
Opening the Pacific Frontier: Community Responses to Neo-liberal Reterritorialization in Colombia and Mexico
Makiko Yamaguchi
The Japanese Feminist Movement and Right-wing Resurgence: Identity, Framing, and Visions for the Nation
Kristina Lyons
Science, Storytelling, and the Politics of Collaboration: Advocacy against Aerial Fumigation in Colombia and Ecuador
Conner Mullally
Index Insurance: The Missing Piece of the Credit Market Puzzle?
Geoffrey Schladow
Lakes of the Pacific Rim (LPaR): System-wide Response to Global Climate Dynamics
Jacob Culbertson
Pacifica Architecture, Cultural Revitalization and the Building of Maori Identities
Judy Halebsky
Pacific Rim Noh Theatre Collaborations
Henry Spiller
Jugala Studio's Role in the Glocalization of Sundanese Music from West Java, Indonesia
Eva St.Clair
The Deportation of Mexican Vagrants to the Philippines in the Late Colonial Period: Building Human and Cultural Bridges Across the Pacific
Michelle Stewart
21st Century Policing and The New Community Order
Andrew Hall
Assessment of Animal Source Food Acceptability and Intake on the Nutrition of Undernourished Women of Reproductive Age in Rural Vietnam
Erica Chernoh
Land use change, soil degradation, and food safety and security: A case study of the Hangzhou-Jiaxing-Huzhou Plain of Zhejiang, China
Joshua Viers
Can Pacific Rim viticulture benefit from Maori traditional plant knowledge?
Andres Barragan
Situating genetic expressions: Human genomic research and bio-identity in Colombia
Sarah Brown
The Domestic Dog as a Proxy to Human Migration in the Austronesian Expansion
Jacob Culbertson
Assembling Maori Architecture: Local Housing Design and an Emerging Pacific Regionalism
Nicole Richardson
Nurturing the modern fetus: the practice of fetal education in early Republican China, 1911-1937
Alez Van Dam
Provenance of the Cochineal insect: Revealing Pre-Columbian Maritime Trade Via Molecular Phylogenetics
Andres Moya
The Long Run Economic Consequences of Civil Conflicts: Income Dynamics and Induced Changes in Risk Aversion and other Behavioral Parameters
Magali Rabassa
Making Books Public: Collective-Presses: Intellectual-Political Networks in a "Continent in Movement"
Tina Jeoh Biofuel production from banana residues towards sustainable development in rural agricultural communities in Peru and Colombia
Elizabeth del Pilar Montanez-Sanabria
Dangerous Presence: Pirates and Spanish Colonialism in the Viceroyalty of Peru, 1570-1750
Camilo Sanz

Between Palliative Care and Oncology: Terminal Cancer and Multiple Dying
Conditions Among Patients in Cali (Colombia)
Jessica Fowler Imperial Intellectuals: The Dissemination of Inquisition and Heresy in the Spanish Empire
Diane Beckles Evaluating the historical and traditional use of Chinese yam as an herbal medicine and functional food using modern analytical techniques.
Ming-Cheng Lo

The Day After: Civic Engagement and Identity Reconstruction in Response to Natural Disasters in Taiwan and Japan

Alexander Gaos

Novel integration of cutting edge science, socio-economic sustainability and local capacity building: using molecular techniques to guide management of critically endangered hawksbill marine turtles and support poverty stricken coastal communities along the eastern Pacific Rim

Adam Liebman

Turning Trash into Treasure: Waste and Environmentalism in Postsocialist China

Julia Alejandra Morales-Fontanilla

Dissecting Evidence: Forensic Sciences, Violent Death and the State in Colombia

Christopher Dobrian
Digital Fusion: A Korean/American Multimedia Opera
Victoria Luong
In Pursuit of Modernity: the Making of "Modern Mothers" in Northern Vietnam
Betty Olson
Optimization of Biohydrogen Production Methodologies from Wastewaters and Sludges through Technological Exchanges and Government Policy Analyses: A Potential Renewable Energy Source for Pacific Rim Countries
Etel Solingen
East Asia's Nuclear Trajectory: Past and Future
Ngugi wa Thiong'o
Pacific Voices in World Culture
Ying Hu
Women's Biography and Gender Politics in China
Kaushik Rajan
Labor and Cultural Politics of Outsourcing: A Comparative Study of the United States, India and the Philippines
Eli Simon
Pan Pacific Players Research and Collaboration: The Birds by Aristophanes, UCI Irvine and Korean National University of Arts
Wensheng Wang
Integrating Chinese History into the Pacific Rim: Social Crises and Political Dynamics during the Jiaqing Reign (1796-1820) of Qing Dynasty
Nanao Akanuma
When a National Sport Goes Transnational: Circuits of Sumo Wrestling in Japan and Mongolia
Michael Cronin
The Regional City in the Imperial Imaginary: Osaka, Seoul, Shanghai
Allison Fish
Digitizing Traditional Practices: Transnational Yoga and Intellectual Property Disputes in the US and Hong Kong
Kathryn McDonald Merkel-Hess
A New People: Rural Modernity in Republican China
John Crawford
Threads and Trajectories: Approaching Beijing through Dance and Media
Nicole Barnes
Revitalizing an Emasculated Nation: Gendered Bodies in Early Twentieth-Century China
Wai Kit Choi
Freedom and Labor under CapitalismL: From the English Master and Servant Act to the Chinese Factories
Steven Chung
Sin Sang-ok and East Asian Cold War Cinema
Christina Ghanbarpour
Changing Traditions: The Role of Village Women in the Creation of Modern Japan
LeRon Harrison
Reception of Chinese Texts in Early and Medieval Japan
David Kelley
One Stage of Possession, A film regarding visuality in the wake of Three Gorges Dam in China
Nhu-Ngoc Ong
Transnational Commodification of Governance: Popular Music Industry in Vietnam
Rachel O'Toole
Colonial Categories: Africans, Indians, and Peru’s Laws of Race
Kathryn Quick
Citizen Participation Paradigms for the Pacific Rim: City Planning at the Frontier of Democracy in Batam, Indonesia
Hong-An Truong
Other Encounters: Tokyo-Saigon in Colonial, Immigrant, and Tourist Contacts
Erica Vogel
Families on the Move: Understanding the Social Networks of Transnational Families Between Peru and South Korea
Maya Weimer
Cultural Production in the Transnationally Adopted Korean Diaspora
Victoria Beard
A Comparison of Decentralization Policies, Community-Level Collective Action and Elite Capture in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam
Erica Vogel
There Are No Peruvians Here: Religious Practices and Belonging amongst Migrant Workers in South Korea
Angela Daley
Gold Fever: Madness, Mining, and Migration in the Pacific Rim, 1848-1875
Simone Meinardi
Impact of Anti-pollution Measures for the 2008 Olympic Games on Tropospheric Chemistry and Air Quality in Beijing
Fan-Gang Zeng
Multi-sensory training in Chinese-speaking children with cochlear implants
Nicole Barnes
Protecting the National Body: Gender and Public Health in Southwest China during the War against Japan, 1937-1945
Daphne Lei
Performing Zero: Alternative Chinese Opera in the Age of Globalization
Ken Yoshia
Interstitial Ecologies: The Articulations of Nature and Technology in Postwar Japanese Art (1950s-1980s)
Andrew Noymer
Tuberculosis in epidemiologic transition: A gendered and comparative analysis of early 20th century USA and early 21st century Thailand
Miri Kim
Military Education and Modernity in Northeast China, 1920s to 1930s
Kimberly Jameson Investigating concept formation and the linguistic processing of natural categories across Pacific Rim ethnolinguistic groups
Henry Pontell White-Collar and Corporate Crime in China: Domestic, Regional, and Global Issues
John Michael Salas
Evaluating the impact of a disruption in public sector contraceptive supply on fertility and health outcomes in the Philippines
Maura Elizabeth Cunningham

The Wandering Life of Sanmao: The Work of Cartoonist Zhang Leping, 1935-1992
Derek Dunn-Rankin

Planning Grant: 3-Day Workshop on Carbon-Free Deep-Ocean Power Science for the Pacific Rim

Christina Spiker

Primitive Picturesque: Ainu Representation in a Transnational Visual Economy, 1868-1926


Marla Berns
Bast Fiber Weaving and Cultural Preservation
Robert Brown
Provenance, Development, and Style of Ancient Southeast Asian Sculpture
Carlos Torres
Educating the Global Citizen: Globalization, Education Reform and the Politics of Equity and Inclusion in 12 Countries
Jeffrey Brantingham
Human-Environment Interactions and the Origins of Agriculture in Northwest China
Anne Gilliland-Swetland
Pluralizing the Archival Paradigm: A Needs Assessment for Archival Education in Pacific Rim Communities
Eleanor Lipat
From Thai Likay to Lao Lam Luang: Improvising the Nation through Folk Theater
Matthew Marr
Transitioning Out of Homelessness in Two Global Cities -- Los Angeles and Tokyo
Ari Seligmann
Mediating Globalization with Public Architecture: Kumamoto's Artpolis and Seattle's Landmark Libraries
Awet Weldemichael
The Eritrean and East Timorese Liberation Movements: Toward a Comparative Study of their Grand Strategies
Eric Zusman
What Makes a Dragon Brown?: A Comparative Study of Air Pollution Regulation in East Asia
Azzarina Basarudin
Recreating Communities of the Faithful?: Negotiating Gender, Religion and Feminism in Malaysia and Egypt
Cari Coe
Land Classification and Allocation on the Edge of Vietnam’s Protected Forests
Brent Luvaas
Economy of Style: Youth, Class, and Consumer Culture in Post-New Order Indonesia
Merav Shohet
Sacrifice as Virtue in Vietnamese Family Life
Misako Nukaga
Transnational Childhoods: A Case Study of Ethnic Identity Formation among the Children of Japanese Expatriates in Los Angeles
Erin Suzuki
Sacred Travelers: The Diasporic Narratives of Pacific Literature
Lucy Burns
Empire and Resistance: A Critical Tribute to Dr. Daniel Boone Schirmer, anti-imperialist
France Nguyen
D.I.N.H. D.U.O.N.G. (translation: Nutrition) Determining Insecurity Nutrition and Health Status - Drug users and Undernutrition
Anne Pebley
Socioeconomic Gradients in Health in Latin America
Lianne Urada
Psychosocial and Structural Determinants of HIV/STIs among Female Bar Workers in the Philippines
John Van Horn
The Role of the Pacific Rim in the Future of Human Brain Imaging: An International Workshop
Ruben Hernandez-leon
The Migration Industry in the Pacific Rim
Brian Bernards
Writing the South Seas: Nanyang in the Modern Chinese and Southeast Asian Literary Imagination
Peter Zeitz
Productivity Growth in the Chinese Cotton Textile Industry, 1922-1957
Rebekah Park
The Impact of Memory Projects on Healing Processes and Well-Being in Argentina
Brian Hu
Worldly Desires: cosmopolitanism and cinema in Hong Kong and Taiwan
Jenny Lin
Hybridity as Cultural Capital: Jet Set, Trend Set, Art Stars in Shanghai
Jae Hyeok Shin
Electoral System Choice and Personalistic Parties in New Democracies
Beth Tamayose
Comparative Analysis of Land/Government/Community Interaction: Hawaii and Guam
Risa Toha
Effects of Administrative Boundary Change on Violence: Evidence from Indonesia
Cameron Campbell
Social and Demographic Impacts of Climate Shocks in 18th and 19th century China, Japan and Korea
Jiye Heo
Siamese overseas trade and state control of resources
Stephen Rodriguez
Whose Paradise? The Dilemma of Conflicting Models of World heritage Parks in Contemporary Southeast Asia
Elena Shih
Globalizing Morality and Justice: Local Orientations Towards Women's Work in Faith-Based and Rights-Based Organizations in the Transnational Anti-Trafficking Movement
Victor Bascara Militarization and Environmental Crisis in the Pacific Rim
Marla Berns Prices and Affordability of Essential Medicines across Pacific Latin America during Economic Crisis
Hsin-Chieh Chang
The Social Impact of Immigration Policy on the Health and Well-being of Commercially Arranged Vietnamese Marriage Migrants in Taiwan and South Korea
Joshua Herr
A History of the China-Vietnam border, 15th to 19th centuries
Chi-Hua Hsiao
Applied Linguistics Subtitle Groups as Cultural Translators in China
Shanna Gong Movements, Markets and the State: Sustainable Food Economies in the US and China
Marco Antonio Guzman Imposing Capitalism: Land Tenure and the Sugar Industry in Taiwan, the Philippines and Cuba, 1895-1930
Chien-Ling Liu Relocating Modern Medicine: Circulation and the Construction of Immunologic Knowledge in China and Europe, 1880-1945
Geoffrey Robinson

Human Rights Archives in the Pacific Rim: Political, Legal, and Ethical Challenges

Jenny Goldstein

Boondoggle, or Benefit? The Commodification of Degraded Landscapes in Indonesia in an Age of Climate Change

Luis Felipe Rosado-Murillo

Transnationality and Politics of Computing Expertise

Jean Hinds
Linking plant-microbe interactions, spread of invasive plants, and microbial diversity In mediterranean-type ecosystems of the Pacific Rim
Wei-Chun Chin
Pilot Study: Marine Microgel Assembly Kinetics in Hawaii, Taiwan Coastal Estuary and East China Sea
ShiPu Wang
The Brush of Swords: Asian Abstract Expressionism and American Cold War Diplomacy
Maurizio Forte
The Virtual Museum of West Han Dynasty Tombs
Kevin Fellezs
Playing Guitar, Performing Hawaiian: Ki ho’alu and Hawaiian Identity
Kaiqi Hua
Temples, Worshippers and Gods: The Religious Landscape of Song-Yuan-Ming Hangzhou (1100-1400 CE)
2012-13 -
Yanbao Ma Renewable Energy for Sustainable Water and Agriculture: Solar Distillation Systems for the Treatment of Irrigation Drainage Water
Paul Almeida

Mobilizing in Crisis: Demonstrations in the Central American Pacific Rim

Haifeng Huang

Information Order in a Changing Society: The Political Economy of Media and Public Opinion in China


Edward Platzer
Biological Control of Mosquitoes
Jonathan Ritter
Encuentro Andino: Music and Politics in the Central Andes
Jianhua Wang
Worldview, Landscape, and Politics: Natural Resource Management of Akha People in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province, Southwest China
Lan Duong
From National to Transnational: The Cultural Revolutions of Vietnamese Cinema
Justin McDaniel
The Map and the World: Representing Realms of Buddhist Thought
Tamara Ho
The Supernatural in Southeast Asian Studies: From Manuscript to Film
Sarah Grant
"Native" by Design: Ecologies of Coffee in Postcolonial Vietnam
Christina Schwenkel
Other Transnationals: Export Labor and Socialist Mobilities in Postwar Vietnam
Christina Schwenkel
Specters of War: Agent Orange in Landscape, Bodies, and Representation
Nathan Bailey
Human and insect associations in Oceania: a biological and cultural investigation into the movement of humans and their folklore across the Pacific
David Biggs
Militarized Environments: Environmental Histories of Occupation and Resistance in Thua Thien Hue, Vietnam
Sarah Grant
Harmonizing Knowledge: Agriculture and Neoliberal Development in Central Vietnam
John Kim
The Territorial Imagination: Empire in the East Asian Pacific Rim
Jacob Rekedal
Hip-hop and Theatre as Social Justice Work in Mapuche Communities
Jorge Aguero
The Permanent Effects of Economic Crises on Child Health in Latin America
David Biggs
War in the Narrow Strip: Environmental and Social Responses to Militarization in Thua Thien --Hue Province, Vietnam
Christina Schwenkel
Revitalizing the City: Socialist Architecture, Postwar Memory, and Urban Renewal in Vietnam
Phuoc Duong
Hoc De Lam Gi? ”: Tracking Economic Development, Education and Class (Re)Production in Contemporary Viet Nam
Russell Skelchy
Waljinah: Keroncong, Identity and Modernity in Indonesia
Yuhki Tajima In the Shadow of War: The Political Economy of Peacebuilding
Nerfita Primadewi The Intended Eye: Theorizing the Act of Looking at Javanese Court Performance
Seth Archer

Sharks upon the Land: Epidemics and Culture in Hawaii 1778-1865

Lauren Cole
Determining Citizenship: Race, Military Service, and Naturalization in Hawaii, 1898-1936
Wayne Cornelius
Diasporic Homecomings: Ethnic Return Migrants in Comparative Perspective
Peter Gourevitch
Comparative Corporate Governance in the Pacific Region
Ellis Krauss
The Comparative Effects of Electoral Reform in Two Pacific Rim Parliamentary Democracies: Japan and New Zealand
Michael Cole
Japanese and US Experiences with Informal Learning Environments: Cross-cultural Perspectives on Learning and Development Through Art and Play
Jinah Kim
Tracing the Global City: Asians in the Americas in the Production of Neo-Liberalism
Moira Mackinnon
Strong and Weak Institutionalization - The Chilean - Argentine Paradox
Mina Yang
Pop Across the Pacific: Transnational Circuits of Asian Popular Music
Rika Yonemura
Making the National Farmer: Progressive Educational Reforms and Transformation of Rural Society in the United States (1902-1918) and Japan (1920-1945)
Jun Zhang
The Human Spider: Duanfang, Network Building, and Pan-Chinese Identity in the Early Twentieth Century
Xiaowei Zheng
Mass Nationalism and Movement Politics in the 1911 Revolution in Sichuan, China
William Haas
Turning the "Wilds" into Borders in Republican Qinghai
Ji Hee Jung
Power and Mass Culture under Two Regimes: Radio Broadcasting in Japan during the Asia-Pacific War and the U.S. Occupation
Tomoyuki Sasaki
Integrating the Self-defense Forces into Postwar Japanese Society: Its Ideology and Activities,and Citizen’s Responses
Jeffrey Vincent
Managing beachwater quality in Southeast Asia
Chuong-Dai Vo
The Politics of Literature and the Construction of Modern Vietnam, 1975-2005
David Woodruff
Sustaining coupled human and natural systems: the effects of forest use by rural communities on biodiversity and ecosystem services in Thailand
Se-hyun Cho
Social and Cultural Factors in the Formation of Gender Equality Policies in Korea
Maria Zepeda Cortes
Empire, Reform, and Corruption: JosÈ de G·lvez and Political Culture in the Spanish Pacific Rim, 1759-1787.
Miriam Gross
Chasing Snails: Anti-Schistosomiasis Campaigns in the Peopleís Republic of China
Ellen Huang
China's china: Jingdezhen Porcelain and the Production of Culture in the Nineteenth Century
Junghyun Hwang
Re-membering the Korean War: History and Nation in South Korean Melodrama of the 1950s
Lei Meng
Rural-to-Urban Migration in Hinterland China
Jeremy Murray
Hainan's Culture of Resistance in Twentieth Century China
Chunhui Peng
Myth, Catharsis, and the Imagined Community Remembering the Cultural Revolution, 1980-2006
Caitlin Yamamoto
Indigenous Struggles over Land, Labor, and Sovereignty in the Contemporary Literatures and Cultures of the Pacific
Kate McDonald
The Boundaries of the Interesting in Imperial Japan
Eli Elinoff
New Neighborhoods, New Citizens: The Politics of Participatory Planning and Development in Khon Kaen, Thailand
Stephen Weymouth
Political Institutions and Economic Organization: Evidence from Chile and Mexico
Cheng David Chang
To Return Home: Making Choices under Coercion in the “Voluntary Repatriation” of Chinese POWs in the Korean War
Judd Kinzley
How Xinjiang was ‘Won’: Mandarins, Merchants, and Migrants in China’s Wild West
Marisa Peeters
On Christian citizens: Pentecostal churches and citizenship formation in post-war El Salvador
Trcia Wang
Chinese Urban Migrants in the Information Age: Intensive Technology and Politics of Digital Space
Ling Han
Practicing Women’s Human Rights: The Implementation of Women’s Rights Advocacy Programs in China
Zhengzheng Huangfu
Discovering the West: Chinese Ambassadors in European Society, 1876-1893
Jessica Jordan
Narratives of Japan in the Northern Mariana Islands: Relating to Experiences of Multiple Pasts
Ryan Moran Tabling Death: Life Insurance in Modern Japan, 1881-1934
Kwai Hang Ng
Rule of Law From Below: Litigants in Housing Demolition Cases in Jiangsu
Amy Rothschild
Making Sense of Mass Violence in the Global, Human Rights Era
Alexis Tucker
Architects of the Postcolony: Imagining and Practicing the State in the Contemporary Solomon Islands
Lesley Ma Transfusion, Infusion, Fusion: Intercultural Negotiations and Innovations in
Abstraction of Taiwan Modernist Painters, 1957-1973
Kai Ostwald Deconstructing ethnicity: How politics and public policy shape ethnic identity and its practice
Paul Ricketts Kaleidoscopic Modernisms: Montage Aesthetics in Shanghai and Tokyo Pictorials of the 1920s and 1930s
Jay Silverman

Migration, sex work, and gender-based violence: Public health consequences along the Mexico- Guatemala border

John Featherstone
Effectiveness of Specific Antimicrobial Treatment Against Bacteria that Cause Dental Decay in Children in Pacific Rim Countries
Victor Fujimoto
Reproductive Differences in Asian, Asian-American, and Caucasian Women
Benedict Yen
New Screening Method for Liver Cancer
Janice Humphreys
Intimate Partner Violence & Women's Health: Nurse-Research Planning Proposal
J. Partridge
Educational Needs and Barriers to Neonatal Care in Pacific Rim Countries
Dean Schillinger
Chile’s Health Care Reforms: The Role of Government in a National Health System
Wen-Chi Hsueh
Planning meetings for genetic epidemiological studies of obesity and type 2 diabetes in Okinawans, Japan
Shana Harris
Out of Harm's Way: The Politics and Practice of Harm Reduction in Argentina
Thomas Novotny
Susceptibility of Young Chinese Women to Smoking Initiation
Annette Sohn
Reproductive health options and outcomes of women with HIV, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Loc Le
Incidence of Neonatal Hyperbilirubinemia, Risk Factors, and Barriers to Newborn Follow-up Care in Northern Vietnam
Scott Stonigton
The End of Life in Thailand: Local Bodies, International Discourses
Janice Humphreys
Trauma Exposure and the Health of Women in Three Countries
Nicholas Bartlett
China's heroin treatment complex: Addiction and the creation of new state-citizen relations
Payan Nahid
UCSF-Vietnam Partnership: Bringing South-East Asia into the CDC-funded TB Trials Consortium
Wei Ai
Clinicopathological studies of Epstein-Barr virus-associated diffuse large B cell lymphoma
Julia Faucett
International Collaborative for the Occupational Health of Nurses (ICOHN): Planning Meeting
Wonju Hwang
Cardiovascular Disease risk in Korean Blue Collar Workers: CVD actual risk, risk perception, and risk reduction behavior
Page Kimberly New hazards for young women sex workers: effects and crisis arising from the implementation of recent anti-trafficking laws in Cambodia
Leslie Wilson Prices and Affordability of Essential Medicines across Pacific Latin America during Economic Crisis
Jyu-Lin Chen Family Health Care Nursing Childhood Obesity in young Chinese children: Multidiscipline Team Research Planning Proposal
Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo Comparative Effectiveness of Policies to Reduce Dietary Salt Intake in the Pacific Rim
Jill Esquivel Fluid Watchers - Pacific Rim
Janet Wojcicki

Childhood Obesity and Sugar Sweetened Beverage Consumption in Huslia, Alaska and Carmacks, Canada: A Pilot, Fieldwork Study

Maryani Rasidjan

Reproductive Difference: Racialized Family Planning in Papua, Indonesia

Jacqueline Eng
Pastoral Nomads and China: Bioarchaeological Analysis of Frontier Interaction
Dominic Sachsenmaier
Global History - Debates in East Asia and the United States
Hung Cam Thai
Memories of War Among the Post-1975 Generation of the Vietnamese Diaspora
Sonja Downing
Children's Gamlans: Gender Shift and Social Change in Bali, Indonesia
Tsuyoshi Hasegawa
Asia and the Cold War, 1956-1973
Diane Hintz
Verbal Tense Variation in Quechua, With Application to the Production of Literacy Materials
Choong-Hwan Park
Serving Peasant Family Meals to Beijing Urbanites: The Country and the City in Post-Mao China
Mayfair Yang
Religion, Modernity, and the State in China and Taiwan
Jason Davis
The Dynamic Interplay between International Migration, Remittances, and Land Use/Land Cover Change in Rural Guatemala
Teresa Algoso
Policing Bodies: Hermaphroditism and Gender in Modern Japan
Hallie Eakin
Adaptive capacity and social-environmental change: Assessing the Future of Smallholder Coffee Systems in the Mesoamerican Pacific Rim
Grace Chang
Trafficking by Any Other Name: Feminist, Sex worker and Migrant Rights Responses to Trafficking
Michael Jerryson
Soldiers in Yellow Robes: Buddhist and Islamic Violence in southern Thailand
Susan Mazer
Sustainable agriculture at the rainforest edge in Thailand: the forestís role in providing pollination and pest-control services for domestic crops
Nathan McGovern
Preparatory Research for a Dissertation on Thai Appropriations of Brahmanical and Theravada Monastic Lineages
Mary Prude
The Near-Death Experience in Buddhist Cultures
David Sherman
Culture and Social Support in Everyday Life: Comparing Koreans, Asian Americans, and European Americans
Daniela Soleri
Transgenic crops in Pacific Rim centers of origin and diversity: Farmers, risk assessment and sustainable development in China and Mexico
Robert Green
Kirsten Ziomek
An Empire on Display: Reconfiguring the Japanese Colonial Subject in the Twentieth Century
Andrea Berez
Discourse, Landscape and Spatial Cognition: Documenting Ahtna, an Endangered Language of Alaska
Alex Cantanese
Selling the Buddha: The Commodification of Tibetan Buddhist Religious Goods
Susan Kuzminsky
Cranial Morphological Variation among Holocene Pacific Rim Populations
Mian Wang
Establishment of a Pacific Rim Research Consortium on Education, Disabilities, and Developmental Risk
Shankar Aswani
A Socioeconomic Analysis of Large Scale Environmental Disturbance: Implications of the 2007 Solomon Islands Tsunami for the Pacific Islands
Kaewkamol Pitakdumrongkit
East Asian Financial Cooperation
Nicole Starosielski
Re-Mapping Transpacific Communication: The Cultural Geography of Undersea Cables in Fiji, New Zealand, and Guam
Mian Wang
A Planning Meeting Proposal for Consolidating the Pacific Rim Research Consortium on Special Education and Disability
Chrissy Lau
Loving in Capitalism: Generation, Education and the Japanese American Family in the 1920s
David Lopez-Carr Developing sustainable fisheries management in the Pacific Rim under changing climate: sustainability, vulnerability, and adaptation
Xiaojian Zhao The Urban Goes Rural: Negotiating Class, Gender and Regional Boundaries in Mao's China
Niccole Coggins Welcome to the "Rock," boys! The U.S. Military's Influence on the Territory of Hawai'i, 1898-1959
Viktor Shmagin Russo-Japanese Contacts from the Early 18th to the Late 19th Centuries
Thuy Tran A Defining Moment: The Avant-gardes of Saigon, 1954-1975
Don Daniels

The History of the Sogeram Language Family of Papua New Guinea


Alice Murray
Changing Interpretations of the Pacific War in Saipan and Guam, 1945-2005
Yoko Fukumura
Schooled for Modernity: Okinawan Women Under Japanese Colonialism and US Military Occupation
Pui-Shan Chan
Figuring Diaspora: Women Intellectuals, Domestic Workers, and the "Left-Behind" of Twentieth-Century South China
Nancy Chen
Asian Biotechnology: An Emerging Field of Life, Nationalism, and Capitalism
Hiroshi Fukurai
Comparative Analysis of Civic Legal Participation in Japan and the U.S.: Japanese Judicial Reforms and the Establishment of the Saiban-in Seido (Quasi-jury System) in Japan
Gregory Gilbert
A Biological Basis for Quarantine: Host Ranges of Emergent Plant Pathogens and the Conservation of Pacific Rim Rain Forests
Anna Tsing
Matsutake: Global Encounters through a Mushroom
Chih-ming Wang
Studying Abroad: Intellectual Diaspora and the Making of Asia/America
Pascha Hansen
Women’s Human Rights and the Internal Conflict in Peru
Megan Thomas
Recovering and Preserving Late 19th-Century Newspapers of the Philippines
Nicholas Babin
Smallholder Persistence in Pacific Rim Coffee Landscapes
Kent Eaton
The Re-emergence of Territorial Politics in the Andes: Mayors vs. Multinationals?
Dina El Dessouky
Indigenous articulations of identity, rights and island space in Hawaiian and French Polynesian writing of the Nuclear Free
Yajun Mo
Tourism and Travel Culture in Republican Shanghai
Karin Mak
Migrant Women Workers' Resistance in Shenzhen
Michelle Olsgard
Assessing the sustainability of Tibetan harvests of rare endemic fungus Cordyceps sinensis
Aviva Sinervo
Child Vendors: Poverty and Childhood in Cusco, Peru
Peter Towbin
Deliberative Decision Making and Sustainable Development
Heather Swanson
Nature and Nation in the North Pacific: An Ethnography of Salmon Management in Japan and the U.S.
Michiko Kakezawa
Improving institutional accountability: the Environmental and social policy compliance at the Asian Development Bank in the Mekong river region
Sarah Romano
Securing Life-Sustaining Flows: The Emergence and Sustainability of Rural Water Users’ Associations in Nicaragua
Colin Tyner
Cultivating the Pristine in the Ogasawara Islands, 1830-2000
Alice Yang
Eternal Flames: Living Memories of the Asia Pacific War
Nellie Chu
Designing the World's Runways: The Emerging Culture of Fast Fashion in Guangzhou
Adam French
Water is Life: Climate Change, Globalization, and Adaptive Resource Governance on Peru's Pacific Slope
Peter Leykam
Markets and Meaning in China
Cindy Bello
Other Transitions: Colombian Aesthetics in the Wake of Modernity
Giacomo Bernardi Community Based Marine Conservation: Locally Managed Marine Areas and Sustainable Development With the Community of Falalop, Ulithi Atoll, Federated States of Micronesia
Fang Yu Hu Han Taiwanese Girls' Primary Education, 1897-1945: The Role of School and Home in a Gendered Colonial System
Jeremy Tai Opening Up the Northwest: Reimagining Xi'an and the Modern Chinese Frontier
Kumiko Uyeda The Ainu Music Revival: Negotiating a Multilayered Marginality
Sarah Kelman

Ethical Economies: Islamic Revivalism and Entrepreneurship in Malaysia

Martin Rizzo



  No Somos Animales: Indigenous Diversity and Plurality in 19th Century Santa Cruz, California
Sara Lewis

Regulation and environmental performance: building new insights through the comparative study of salmon farming

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