Awards 2004-2014


Stephen Cohen | Pacific Rim Network Development Project
David Dowall | The Productive Efficiency of Ports: Lessons From the Pacific Rim Seaport's Corporatization and Strategic Management
Timothy Duane | Sustainable development Strategies to Mitigate Sediment Deposition from Stormwater and Septic Runoff on Coral Reefs in Moorea, French Polynesia
Barry Eichengreen | The Institutional Foundations of Asian Financial Markets
Xiaohong Quan | Foreign Research & Development in China and Its Impact on Local Innovation Capability -- Cases from Information Technology Industries in Beijing
You-tien Hsing | Brokering Globalization: East Asian Real Estate Developers in Chinese Cities
Karen Levy | Deforestation, Development, and Diarrhea: Water and Health in a Changing Ecuadorian Landscape
James Lincoln | Workforce Commitment in Asian Employment Systems: A Survey of Factories and Employees in Japan, China and Korea
Kristen McDonald | Governing China's Nu River: A Case Study of Water and Power
John Radke | Remote Sensing and Archaeology in Southeast Asia
Zdravka Tzankova | Preventing Marine Bioinvasions in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand: Drawing Policy Insights by Comparing Science-policy Dynamics in Environmental Decision Making.
Franklin Zimring | The Death Penalty in East Asia
Marié Abe | Sounding Counter-Geographies: Chindon-ya Street Music Resurgence and Japan's Multicultural Question
Michael DeAlessi | The Intersection of Marine Reserves and Fishing Rights in New Zealand: Property, Conservation, and Community
Alice Kim | Airport Modern: The Space Between National Departures and Cosmopolitan Arrivals
Trina Mackie | Exposure Monitoring of Public Health Risk from Cyanobacteria in the Three Gorges Dam Reservoir
Khai Nguyen | Luu Quang Vu and Performance in Late Communist and Postcolonial Vietnam
Yehuda Kalay | Computational Modeling of Tangible and Intangible Cultural Heritage of Temples Along the Pacific Rim
Christopher Cherry | Implications of Electric Bicycle Use in China: Analysis of Costs and Benefits
Kari Goodman | Emerging Biodiversity: A case study in genetic, species and community level diversity of Hawaii’s endemic insects with implications for conservation
Jeffrey Hadler | Southeast Asian Voices: Developing an Online Bibliography for Southeast Asian Materials in Translation
Rebecca Hamlin | Refugees in the Balance: Exclusionary Politics, Human Rights, and Courts in Canada, the United States, and Australia
Christine Hong | A Korean Appeal to the United States': Dosan Ahn Chang-Ho and the L.A. Riots
Rose Khor | Polynesia-as-Exhibit: Investigations on Simulated, Real, and Liminal Polynesian Performances and Environments
Damon Mayrl | The Transformation of Church-State Relations in the United States and Australia, 1900-2000
Jason Morris-Jung | Roles of NGOs in consent-building processes with local communities displaced by biodiversity conservation projects in the Greater Mekong Sub-Region
Yasuyuki Motoyama | Analyzing Localizing Globalization of Japanese R&D Subsidiaries in Silicon Valley
Benjamin Runkle | Improving Remote Sensing of Agricultural Salinity in Inner Mongolia, China
Christina Sunardi | East Javanese Cross-Gender Dance in Malang: Music, Movement and the Production of Local Identity
Emily Wilcox | Techniques of Innovation: Education, Body Politic, and the Production of Aesthetic Value in China's Performing Arts Industry
Suowei Xiao | China's New Concubines? Understanding the Contemporary Second-wife Phenomenon
Crystal Chang | Developmental Strategies in a Global Economy: Creating National Champions in the Auto Industry
Margaret Conkey | Survey of prehistoric rock art on Fiji islands
Arjun Subrahmanyan | Reinventing Siam: Intellectual Culture and Political Change in 1930s Thailand
Kun Chen | China’s Transnational Professionals: Subjectivity and Cultural Practices in High-technology Innovation
Eli Friedman | The Double Movement in China: Activists, Oligarchs, Officials and the Decommodification of Labor
Bauni Hamid | Reconstruction through Collaboration: Negotiating Architecture in the Post-Tsunami Disaster Housing Reconstruction in Banda Aceh
Andrew Hao | Chinese Ethical Capitalism: Business Ethics, Managerial Rationality, and Global Flows between Post-socialist China, Singapore, and Taiwan
Kah-Wee Lee | Betting on the Future: Politics of risk and participation in Singapore and Sydney's casino competitions


Karen Sokal-Gutierrez | The Modern Crisis of Childhood Malnutrition in the Pacific Rim: Investigating the Shift from Traditional Diets to Non-Nutritious Processed Foods
Erin Collins | Recombinant Social(ist) Networks on the Landscape of the Lower Mekong River Delta
Youjeong Oh | Korean TV Drama: The Transformation of Spaces in East Asia
Jerry Zee | Sustainable Borderlands: Science, Environment, and Governance in Desertified Inner Asia
Hun Kim | Categorical Erosion: Urban Land Capitalization and Governance in Vietnam
Sergio Montero | The Politics of Policy Circulation: Mobilizing Bogota's Green Urbanisms in Guadalajara and San Francisco
Sujin Eom | Chinatown Urbanism: Open Ports and the Making of Chinatowns in East Asia
Meredyth Sneed | Chinese NGOs after Foxconn: Building a Sustainable Ethics on China’s Factory Floor
Fabiana Li | Environmental Politics in an Era of Transnationalism: Tracing the Networks of Multinational Mining and Political Activism from Peru to Canada
Gowoon Noh | Life on the Border: Korean-Chinese Negotiating National Belonging and Transnational Capitals in the Global Economy
Loukas Barton | Transition, Causation, and Co-Evolution: Plant Domestication and Human Diet in Neolithic North China
Susan Cameron | Designing Nature Reserves in Melanesia: Community Based Conservation in a Biodiversity Hotspot.
Guotong Li | A Migrant Society: Gender and Ethnic Relations Along the Southeast Coast in Eighteenth Century China
Robert Moorehead | Re-Imagining the City: Japanese Natives, Foreign Newcomers, and Community Identity in Nagoya, Japan
Hirotsugu Uchida | Comparative Analysis of Coastal Fisheries Management in Chile and Japan
Marisol de la Cadena | Indigenous Politics in the Andean Region
Willie Hiatt | The Fast Lane of World History: Communication and Transportation Technology in the Construction of Andean Modernity, 1883-1950
Gregory Love | Political Institutions, Candidate Quality, and the Consolidation of Democracy in Latin America
Rossio Motta | Dealing with Madness: Following the Production of Psychiatric Knowledge from the US to Peru
Bettina Ng’weno | Opening the Pacific Frontier: Community Responses to Neo-liberal Reterritorialization in Colombia and Mexico
Makiko Yamaguchi | The Japanese Feminist Movement and Right-wing Resurgence: Identity, Framing, and Visions for the Nation
Kristina Lyons | Science, Storytelling, and the Politics of Collaboration: Advocacy against Aerial Fumigation in Colombia and Ecuador
Conner Mullally | Index Insurance: The Missing Piece of the Credit Market Puzzle?
Geoffrey Schladow | Lakes of the Pacific Rim (LPaR): System-wide Response to Global Climate Dynamics
Jacob Culbertson | Pacifica Architecture, Cultural Revitalization and the Building of Maori Identities
Judy Halebsky | Pacific Rim Noh Theatre Collaborations
Henry Spiller | Jugala Studio's Role in the Glocalization of Sundanese Music from West Java, Indonesia
Eva St.Clair | The Deportation of Mexican Vagrants to the Philippines in the Late Colonial Period: Building Human and Cultural Bridges Across the Pacific
Michelle Stewart | 21st Century Policing and The New Community Order
Andrew Hall | Assessment of Animal Source Food Acceptability and Intake on the Nutrition of Undernourished Women of Reproductive Age in Rural Vietnam
Erica Chernoh | Land use change, soil degradation, and food safety and security: A case study of the Hangzhou-Jiaxing-Huzhou Plain of Zhejiang, China
Joshua Viers | Can Pacific Rim viticulture benefit from Maori traditional plant knowledge?
Andres Barragan | Situating genetic expressions: Human genomic research and bio-identity in Colombia
Sarah Brown | The Domestic Dog as a Proxy to Human Migration in the Austronesian Expansion
Jacob Culbertson | Assembling Maori Architecture: Local Housing Design and an Emerging Pacific Regionalism
Nicole Richardson | Nurturing the modern fetus: the practice of fetal education in early Republican China, 1911-1937
Alez Van Dam | Provenance of the Cochineal insect: Revealing Pre-Columbian Maritime Trade Via Molecular Phylogenetics
Andres Moya | The Long Run Economic Consequences of Civil Conflicts: Income Dynamics and Induced Changes in Risk Aversion and other Behavioral Parameters
Magali Rabassa | Making Books Public: Collective-Presses: Intellectual-Political Networks in a "Continent in Movement"
Tina Jeoh | Biofuel production from banana residues towards sustainable development in rural agricultural communities in Peru and Colombia
Elizabeth del Pilar Montanez-Sanabria | Dangerous Presence: Pirates and Spanish Colonialism in the Viceroyalty of Peru, 1570-1750
Camilo Sanz | Between Palliative Care and Oncology: Terminal Cancer and Multiple Dying Conditions Among Patients in Cali (Colombia)
Jessica Fowler | Imperial Intellectuals: The Dissemination of Inquisition and Heresy in the Spanish Empire
Diane Beckles | Evaluating the historical and traditional use of Chinese yam as an herbal medicine and functional food using modern analytical techniques.
Ming-Cheng Lo | The Day After: Civic Engagement and Identity Reconstruction in Response to Natural Disasters in Taiwan and Japan
Alexander Gaos | Novel integration of cutting edge science, socio-economic sustainability and local capacity building: using molecular techniques to guide management of critically endangered hawksbill marine turtles and support poverty stricken coastal communities along the eastern Pacific Rim
Adam Liebman | Turning Trash into Treasure: Waste and Environmentalism in Postsocialist China
Julia Alejandra Morales-Fontanilla | Dissecting Evidence: Forensic Sciences, Violent Death and the State in Colombia
Christopher Dobrian | Digital Fusion: A Korean/American Multimedia Opera
Victoria Luong | In Pursuit of Modernity: the Making of "Modern Mothers" in Northern Vietnam
Betty Olson | Optimization of Biohydrogen Production Methodologies from Wastewaters and Sludges through Technological Exchanges and Government Policy Analyses: A Potential Renewable Energy Source for Pacific Rim Countries
Etel Solingen | East Asia's Nuclear Trajectory: Past and Future
Ngugi wa Thiong'o | Pacific Voices in World Culture
Ying Hu | Women's Biography and Gender Politics in China
Kaushik Rajan | Labor and Cultural Politics of Outsourcing: A Comparative Study of the United States, India and the Philippines
Eli Simon | Pan Pacific Players Research and Collaboration: The Birds by Aristophanes, UCI Irvine and Korean National University of Arts
Wensheng Wang | Integrating Chinese History into the Pacific Rim: Social Crises and Political Dynamics during the Jiaqing Reign (1796-1820) of Qing Dynasty
Nanao Akanuma | When a National Sport Goes Transnational: Circuits of Sumo Wrestling in Japan and Mongolia
Michael Cronin | The Regional City in the Imperial Imaginary: Osaka, Seoul, Shanghai
Allison Fish | Digitizing Traditional Practices: Transnational Yoga and Intellectual Property Disputes in the US and Hong Kong
Kathryn McDonald Merkel-Hess | A New People: Rural Modernity in Republican China
John Crawford | Threads and Trajectories: Approaching Beijing through Dance and Media
Nicole Barnes | Revitalizing an Emasculated Nation: Gendered Bodies in Early Twentieth-Century China
Wai Kit Choi | Freedom and Labor under CapitalismL: From the English Master and Servant Act to the Chinese Factories
Steven Chung | Sin Sang-ok and East Asian Cold War Cinema
Christina Ghanbarpour | Changing Traditions: The Role of Village Women in the Creation of Modern Japan
LeRon Harrison | Reception of Chinese Texts in Early and Medieval Japan
David Kelley | One Stage of Possession, A film regarding visuality in the wake of Three Gorges Dam in China
Nhu-Ngoc Ong | Transnational Commodification of Governance: Popular Music Industry in Vietnam
Rachel O'Toole | Colonial Categories: Africans, Indians, and Peru’s Laws of Race
Kathryn Quick | Citizen Participation Paradigms for the Pacific Rim: City Planning at the Frontier of Democracy in Batam, Indonesia
Hong-An Truong | Other Encounters: Tokyo-Saigon in Colonial, Immigrant, and Tourist Contacts
Erica Vogel | Families on the Move: Understanding the Social Networks of Transnational Families Between Peru and South Korea
Maya Weimer | Cultural Production in the Transnationally Adopted Korean Diaspora
Victoria Beard | A Comparison of Decentralization Policies, Community-Level Collective Action and Elite Capture in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam
Erica Vogel | There Are No Peruvians Here: Religious Practices and Belonging amongst Migrant Workers in South Korea
Angela Daley | Gold Fever: Madness, Mining, and Migration in the Pacific Rim, 1848-1875
Simone Meinardi | Impact of Anti-pollution Measures for the 2008 Olympic Games on Tropospheric Chemistry and Air Quality in Beijing
Fan-Gang Zeng | Multi-sensory training in Chinese-speaking children with cochlear implants
Nicole Barnes | Protecting the National Body: Gender and Public Health in Southwest China during the War against Japan, 1937-1945
Daphne Lei | Performing Zero: Alternative Chinese Opera in the Age of Globalization
Ken Yoshia | Interstitial Ecologies: The Articulations of Nature and Technology in Postwar Japanese Art (1950s-1980s)
Andrew Noymer | Tuberculosis in epidemiologic transition: A gendered and comparative analysis of early 20th century USA and early 21st century Thailand
Miri Kim | Military Education and Modernity in Northeast China, 1920s to 1930s

Kimberly Jameson | Investigating concept formation and the linguistic processing of natural categories across Pacific Rim ethnolinguistic groups
Henry Pontell | White-Collar and Corporate Crime in China: Domestic, Regional, and Global Issues
John Michael Salas | Evaluating the impact of a disruption in public sector contraceptive supply on fertility and health outcomes in the Philippines
Maura Elizabeth Cunningham | The Wandering Life of Sanmao: The Work of Cartoonist Zhang Leping, 1935-1992
Derek Dunn-Rankin | Planning Grant: 3-Day Workshop on Carbon-Free Deep-Ocean Power Science for the Pacific Rim
Christina Spiker | Primitive Picturesque: Ainu Representation in a Transnational Visual Economy, 1868-1926

Marla Berns | Bast Fiber Weaving and Cultural Preservation
Robert Brown | Provenance, Development, and Style of Ancient Southeast Asian Sculpture
Carlos Torres | Educating the Global Citizen: Globalization, Education Reform and the Politics of Equity and Inclusion in 12 Countries
Jeffrey Brantingham | Human-Environment Interactions and the Origins of Agriculture in Northwest China
Anne Gilliland-Swetland | Pluralizing the Archival Paradigm: A Needs Assessment for Archival Education in Pacific Rim Communities
Eleanor Lipat | From Thai Likay to Lao Lam Luang: Improvising the Nation through Folk Theater
Matthew Marr | Transitioning Out of Homelessness in Two Global Cities -- Los Angeles and Tokyo
Ari Seligmann | Mediating Globalization with Public Architecture: Kumamoto's Artpolis and Seattle's Landmark Libraries
Awet Weldemichael | The Eritrean and East Timorese Liberation Movements: Toward a Comparative Study of their Grand Strategies
Eric Zusman | What Makes a Dragon Brown?: A Comparative Study of Air Pollution Regulation in East Asia
Azzarina Basarudin | Recreating Communities of the Faithful?: Negotiating Gender, Religion and Feminism in Malaysia and Egypt
Cari Coe | Land Classification and Allocation on the Edge of Vietnam’s Protected Forests
Brent Luvaas | Economy of Style: Youth, Class, and Consumer Culture in Post-New Order Indonesia
Merav Shohet | Sacrifice as Virtue in Vietnamese Family Life
Misako Nukaga | Transnational Childhoods: A Case Study of Ethnic Identity Formation among the Children of Japanese Expatriates in Los Angeles
Erin Suzuki | Sacred Travelers: The Diasporic Narratives of Pacific Literature
Lucy Burns | Empire and Resistance: A Critical Tribute to Dr. Daniel Boone Schirmer, anti-imperialist
France Nguyen | D.I.N.H. D.U.O.N.G. (translation: Nutrition) Determining Insecurity Nutrition and Health Status - Drug users and Undernutrition
Anne Pebley | Socioeconomic Gradients in Health in Latin America
Lianne Urada | Psychosocial and Structural Determinants of HIV/STIs among Female Bar Workers in the Philippines
John Van Horn | The Role of the Pacific Rim in the Future of Human Brain Imaging: An International Workshop
Ruben Hernandez-leon | The Migration Industry in the Pacific Rim
Brian Bernards | Writing the South Seas: Nanyang in the Modern Chinese and Southeast Asian Literary Imagination
Peter Zeitz | Productivity Growth in the Chinese Cotton Textile Industry, 1922-1957
Rebekah Park | The Impact of Memory Projects on Healing Processes and Well-Being in Argentina
Brian Hu | Worldly Desires: cosmopolitanism and cinema in Hong Kong and Taiwan
Jenny Lin | Hybridity as Cultural Capital: Jet Set, Trend Set, Art Stars in Shanghai
Jae Hyeok Shin | Electoral System Choice and Personalistic Parties in New Democracies
Beth Tamayose | Comparative Analysis of Land/Government/Community Interaction: Hawaii and Guam
Risa Toha | Effects of Administrative Boundary Change on Violence: Evidence from Indonesia
Cameron Campbell | Social and Demographic Impacts of Climate Shocks in 18th and 19th century China, Japan and Korea
Jiye Heo | Siamese overseas trade and state control of resources
Stephen Rodriguez | Whose Paradise? The Dilemma of Conflicting Models of World heritage Parks in Contemporary Southeast Asia
Elena Shih | Globalizing Morality and Justice: Local Orientations Towards Women's Work in Faith-Based and Rights-Based Organizations in the Transnational Anti-Trafficking Movement
Victor Bascara | Militarization and Environmental Crisis in the Pacific Rim
Marla Berns | Prices and Affordability of Essential Medicines across Pacific Latin America during Economic Crisis
Hsin-Chieh Chang | The Social Impact of Immigration Policy on the Health and Well-being of Commercially Arranged Vietnamese Marriage Migrants in Taiwan and South Korea
Joshua Herr | A History of the China-Vietnam border, 15th to 19th centuries
Chi-Hua Hsiao | Applied Linguistics Subtitle Groups as Cultural Translators in China
Shanna Gong | Movements, Markets and the State: Sustainable Food Economies in the US and China
Marco Antonio Guzman | Imposing Capitalism: Land Tenure and the Sugar Industry in Taiwan, the Philippines and Cuba, 1895-1930
Chien-Ling Liu | Relocating Modern Medicine: Circulation and the Construction of Immunologic Knowledge in China and Europe, 1880-1945
Geoffrey Robinson | Human Rights Archives in the Pacific Rim: Political, Legal, and Ethical Challenges
Jenny Goldstein | Boondoggle, or Benefit? The Commodification of Degraded Landscapes in Indonesia in an Age of Climate Change

Luis Felipe Rosado-Murillo | Transnationality and Politics of Computing Expertise
Jean Hinds | Linking plant-microbe interactions, spread of invasive plants, and microbial diversity In mediterranean-type ecosystems of the Pacific Rim
Wei-Chun Chin | Pilot Study: Marine Microgel Assembly Kinetics in Hawaii, Taiwan Coastal Estuary and East China Sea
ShiPu Wang | The Brush of Swords: Asian Abstract Expressionism and American Cold War Diplomacy
Maurizio Forte | The Virtual Museum of West Han Dynasty Tombs
Kevin Fellezs | Playing Guitar, Performing Hawaiian: Ki ho’alu and Hawaiian Identity
Kaiqi Hua | Temples, Worshippers and Gods: The Religious Landscape of Song-Yuan-Ming Hangzhou (1100-1400 CE)
Yanbao Ma | Renewable Energy for Sustainable Water and Agriculture: Solar Distillation Systems for the Treatment of Irrigation Drainage Water
Paul Almeida | Mobilizing in Crisis: Demonstrations in the Central American Pacific Rim
Haifeng Huang | Information Order in a Changing Society: The Political Economy of Media and Public Opinion in China
Edward Platzer | Biological Control of Mosquitoes
Jonathan Ritter | Encuentro Andino: Music and Politics in the Central Andes
Jianhua Wang | Worldview, Landscape, and Politics: Natural Resource Management of Akha People in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province, Southwest China
Lan Duong | From National to Transnational: The Cultural Revolutions of Vietnamese Cinema
Justin McDaniel | The Map and the World: Representing Realms of Buddhist Thought
Tamara Ho | The Supernatural in Southeast Asian Studies: From Manuscript to Film
Sarah Grant | "Native" by Design: Ecologies of Coffee in Postcolonial Vietnam
Christina Schwenkel | Other Transnationals: Export Labor and Socialist Mobilities in Postwar Vietnam
Christina Schwenkel | Specters of War: Agent Orange in Landscape, Bodies, and Representation
Nathan Bailey | Human and insect associations in Oceania: a biological and cultural investigation into the movement of humans and their folklore across the Pacific

David Biggs | Militarized Environments: Environmental Histories of Occupation and Resistance in Thua Thien Hue, Vietnam
Sarah Grant | Harmonizing Knowledge: Agriculture and Neoliberal Development in Central Vietnam
John Kim | The Territorial Imagination: Empire in the East Asian Pacific Rim
Jacob Rekedal | Hip-hop and Theatre as Social Justice Work in Mapuche Communities
Jorge Aguero | The Permanent Effects of Economic Crises on Child Health in Latin America
David Biggs | War in the Narrow Strip: Environmental and Social Responses to Militarization in Thua Thien --Hue Province, Vietnam
Christina Schwenkel | Revitalizing the City: Socialist Architecture, Postwar Memory, and Urban Renewal in Vietnam
Phuoc Duong | Hoc De Lam Gi? ”: Tracking Economic Development, Education and Class (Re)Production in Contemporary Viet Nam
Russell Skelchy | Waljinah: Keroncong, Identity and Modernity in Indonesia
Yuhki Tajima | In the Shadow of War: The Political Economy of Peacebuilding
Nerfita Primadewi | The Intended Eye: Theorizing the Act of Looking at Javanese Court Performance
Seth Archer | Sharks upon the Land: Epidemics and Culture in Hawaii 1778-1865
Lauren Cole | Determining Citizenship: Race, Military Service, and Naturalization in Hawaii, 1898-1936
Wayne Cornelius | Diasporic Homecomings: Ethnic Return Migrants in Comparative Perspective
Peter Gourevitch | Comparative Corporate Governance in the Pacific Region
Ellis Krauss | The Comparative Effects of Electoral Reform in Two Pacific Rim Parliamentary Democracies: Japan and New Zealand
Michael Cole | Japanese and US Experiences with Informal Learning Environments: Cross-cultural Perspectives on Learning and Development Through Art and Play
Jinah Kim | Tracing the Global City: Asians in the Americas in the Production of Neo-Liberalism
Moira Mackinnon | Strong and Weak Institutionalization - The Chilean - Argentine Paradox
Mina Yang | Pop Across the Pacific: Transnational Circuits of Asian Popular Music
Rika Yonemura | Making the National Farmer: Progressive Educational Reforms and Transformation of Rural Society in the United States (1902-1918) and Japan (1920-1945)
Jun Zhang | The Human Spider: Duanfang, Network Building, and Pan-Chinese Identity in the Early Twentieth Century
Xiaowei Zheng | Mass Nationalism and Movement Politics in the 1911 Revolution in Sichuan, China
William Haas | Turning the "Wilds" into Borders in Republican Qinghai
Ji Hee Jung | Power and Mass Culture under Two Regimes: Radio Broadcasting in Japan during the Asia-Pacific War and the U.S. Occupation
Tomoyuki Sasaki | Integrating the Self-defense Forces into Postwar Japanese Society: Its Ideology and Activities,and Citizen’s Responses
Jeffrey Vincent | Managing beachwater quality in Southeast Asia
Chuong-Dai Vo | The Politics of Literature and the Construction of Modern Vietnam, 1975-2005
David Woodruff | Sustaining coupled human and natural systems: the effects of forest use by rural communities on biodiversity and ecosystem services in Thailand
Se-hyun Cho | Social and Cultural Factors in the Formation of Gender Equality Policies in Korea
Maria Zepeda Cortes | Empire, Reform, and Corruption: JosÈ de G·lvez and Political Culture in the Spanish Pacific Rim, 1759-1787.
Miriam Gross | Chasing Snails: Anti-Schistosomiasis Campaigns in the Peopleís Republic of China
Ellen Huang | China's china: Jingdezhen Porcelain and the Production of Culture in the Nineteenth Century
Junghyun Hwang | Re-membering the Korean War: History and Nation in South Korean Melodrama of the 1950s
Lei Meng | Rural-to-Urban Migration in Hinterland China
Jeremy Murray | Hainan's Culture of Resistance in Twentieth Century China
Chunhui Peng | Myth, Catharsis, and the Imagined Community Remembering the Cultural Revolution, 1980-2006
Caitlin Yamamoto | Indigenous Struggles over Land, Labor, and Sovereignty in the Contemporary Literatures and Cultures of the Pacific
Kate McDonald | The Boundaries of the Interesting in Imperial Japan
Eli Elinoff | New Neighborhoods, New Citizens: The Politics of Participatory Planning and Development in Khon Kaen, Thailand
Stephen Weymouth | Political Institutions and Economic Organization: Evidence from Chile and Mexico

Cheng David Chang | To Return Home: Making Choices under Coercion in the “Voluntary Repatriation” of Chinese POWs in the Korean War
Judd Kinzley | How Xinjiang was ‘Won’: Mandarins, Merchants, and Migrants in China’s Wild West
Marisa Peeters | On Christian citizens: Pentecostal churches and citizenship formation in post-war El Salvador
Trcia Wang | Chinese Urban Migrants in the Information Age: Intensive Technology and Politics of Digital Space

Ling Han | Practicing Women’s Human Rights: The Implementation of Women’s Rights Advocacy Programs in China
Zhengzheng Huangfu | Discovering the West: Chinese Ambassadors in European Society, 1876-1893
Jessica Jordan | Narratives of Japan in the Northern Mariana Islands: Relating to Experiences of Multiple Pasts

Ryan Moran | Tabling Death: Life Insurance in Modern Japan, 1881-1934
Kwai Hang Ng | Rule of Law From Below: Litigants in Housing Demolition Cases in Jiangsu
Amy Rothschild | Making Sense of Mass Violence in the Global, Human Rights Era
Alexis Tucker | Architects of the Postcolony: Imagining and Practicing the State in the Contemporary Solomon Islands
Lesley Ma | Transfusion, Infusion, Fusion: Intercultural Negotiations and Innovations in Abstraction of Taiwan Modernist Painters, 1957-1973
Kai Ostwald | Deconstructing ethnicity: How politics and public policy shape ethnic identity and its practice
Paul Ricketts | Kaleidoscopic Modernisms: Montage Aesthetics in Shanghai and Tokyo Pictorials of the 1920s and 1930s
Jay Silverman | Migration, sex work, and gender-based violence: Public health consequences along the Mexico- Guatemala border


John Featherstone | Effectiveness of Specific Antimicrobial Treatment Against Bacteria that Cause Dental Decay in Children in Pacific Rim Countries
Victor Fujimoto | Reproductive Differences in Asian, Asian-American, and Caucasian Women
Benedict Yen | New Screening Method for Liver Cancer

Janice Humphreys | Intimate Partner Violence & Women's Health: Nurse-Research Planning Proposal

J. Partridge | Educational Needs and Barriers to Neonatal Care in Pacific Rim Countries
Dean Schillinger | Chile’s Health Care Reforms: The Role of Government in a National Health System

Wen-Chi Hsueh | Planning meetings for genetic epidemiological studies of obesity and type 2 diabetes in Okinawans, Japan
Shana Harris | Out of Harm's Way: The Politics and Practice of Harm Reduction in Argentina
Thomas Novotny | Susceptibility of Young Chinese Women to Smoking Initiation
Annette Sohn | Reproductive health options and outcomes of women with HIV, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Loc Le | Incidence of Neonatal Hyperbilirubinemia, Risk Factors, and Barriers to Newborn Follow-up Care in Northern Vietnam
Scott Stonigton | The End of Life in Thailand: Local Bodies, International Discourses
Janice Humphreys | Trauma Exposure and the Health of Women in Three Countries

Nicholas Bartlett | China's heroin treatment complex: Addiction and the creation of new state-citizen relations
Payan Nahid | UCSF-Vietnam Partnership: Bringing South-East Asia into the CDC-funded TB Trials Consortium

Wei Ai | Clinicopathological studies of Epstein-Barr virus-associated diffuse large B cell lymphoma
Julia Faucett | International Collaborative for the Occupational Health of Nurses (ICOHN): Planning Meeting
Wonju Hwang | Cardiovascular Disease risk in Korean Blue Collar Workers: CVD actual risk, risk perception, and risk reduction behavior

Page Kimberly | New hazards for young women sex workers: effects and crisis arising from the implementation of recent anti-trafficking laws in Cambodia
Leslie Wilson | Prices and Affordability of Essential Medicines across Pacific Latin America during Economic Crisis
Jyu-Lin Chen | Family Health Care Nursing Childhood Obesity in young Chinese children: Multidiscipline Team Research Planning Proposal

Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo | Comparative Effectiveness of Policies to Reduce Dietary Salt Intake in the Pacific Rim
Jill Esquivel | Fluid Watchers - Pacific Rim
Janet Wojcicki | Childhood Obesity and Sugar Sweetened Beverage Consumption in Huslia, Alaska and Carmacks, Canada: A Pilot, Fieldwork Study
Maryani Rasidjan | Reproductive Difference: Racialized Family Planning in Papua, Indonesia


Jacqueline Eng | Pastoral Nomads and China: Bioarchaeological Analysis of Frontier Interaction
Dominic Sachsenmaier | Global History - Debates in East Asia and the United States
Hung Cam Thai | Memories of War Among the Post-1975 Generation of the Vietnamese Diaspora

Sonja Downing | Children's Gamlans: Gender Shift and Social Change in Bali, Indonesia
Tsuyoshi Hasegawa | Asia and the Cold War, 1956-1973
Diane Hintz | Verbal Tense Variation in Quechua, With Application to the Production of Literacy Materials
Choong-Hwan Park | Serving Peasant Family Meals to Beijing Urbanites: The Country and the City in Post-Mao China
Mayfair Yang | Religion, Modernity, and the State in China and Taiwan
Jason Davis | The Dynamic Interplay between International Migration, Remittances, and Land Use/Land Cover Change in Rural Guatemala
Teresa Algoso | Policing Bodies: Hermaphroditism and Gender in Modern Japan
Hallie Eakin | Adaptive capacity and social-environmental change: Assessing the Future of Smallholder Coffee Systems in the Mesoamerican Pacific Rim
Grace Chang | Trafficking by Any Other Name: Feminist, Sex worker and Migrant Rights Responses to Trafficking
Michael Jerryson | Soldiers in Yellow Robes: Buddhist and Islamic Violence in southern Thailand
Susan Mazer | Sustainable agriculture at the rainforest edge in Thailand: the forestís role in providing pollination and pest-control services for domestic crops
Nathan McGovern | Preparatory Research for a Dissertation on Thai Appropriations of Brahmanical and Theravada Monastic Lineages
Mary Prude | The Near-Death Experience in Buddhist Cultures
David Sherman | Culture and Social Support in Everyday Life: Comparing Koreans, Asian Americans, and European Americans
Daniela Soleri | Transgenic crops in Pacific Rim centers of origin and diversity: Farmers, risk assessment and sustainable development in China and Mexico
Kirsten Ziomek | An Empire on Display: Reconfiguring the Japanese Colonial Subject in the Twentieth Century
Andrea Berez | Discourse, Landscape and Spatial Cognition: Documenting Ahtna, an Endangered Language of Alaska
Alex Cantanese | Selling the Buddha: The Commodification of Tibetan Buddhist Religious Goods
Susan Kuzminsky | Cranial Morphological Variation among Holocene Pacific Rim Populations
Mian Wang | Establishment of a Pacific Rim Research Consortium on Education, Disabilities, and Developmental Risk
Shankar Aswani | A Socioeconomic Analysis of Large Scale Environmental Disturbance: Implications of the 2007 Solomon Islands Tsunami for the Pacific Islands
Kaewkamol Pitakdumrongkit | East Asian Financial Cooperation
Nicole Starosielski | Re-Mapping Transpacific Communication: The Cultural Geography of Undersea Cables in Fiji, New Zealand, and Guam
Mian Wang | A Planning Meeting Proposal for Consolidating the Pacific Rim Research Consortium on Special Education and Disability
Chrissy Lau | Loving in Capitalism: Generation, Education and the Japanese American Family in the 1920s
David Lopez-Carr | Developing sustainable fisheries management in the Pacific Rim under changing climate: sustainability, vulnerability, and adaptation
Xiaojian Zhao | The Urban Goes Rural: Negotiating Class, Gender and Regional Boundaries in Mao's China
Niccole Coggins | Welcome to the "Rock," boys! The U.S. Military's Influence on the Territory of Hawai'i, 1898-1959
Viktor Shmagin | Russo-Japanese Contacts from the Early 18th to the Late 19th Centuries
Thuy Tran | A Defining Moment: The Avant-gardes of Saigon, 1954-1975
Don Daniels | The History of the Sogeram Language Family of Papua New Guinea

Alice Murray | Changing Interpretations of the Pacific War in Saipan and Guam, 1945-2005
Yoko Fukumura | Schooled for Modernity: Okinawan Women Under Japanese Colonialism and US Military Occupation

Pui-Shan Chan | Figuring Diaspora: Women Intellectuals, Domestic Workers, and the "Left-Behind" of Twentieth-Century South China
Nancy Chen | Asian Biotechnology: An Emerging Field of Life, Nationalism, and Capitalism
Hiroshi Fukurai | Comparative Analysis of Civic Legal Participation in Japan and the U.S.: Japanese Judicial Reforms and the Establishment of the Saiban-in Seido (Quasi-jury System) in Japan
Gregory Gilbert | A Biological Basis for Quarantine: Host Ranges of Emergent Plant Pathogens and the Conservation of Pacific Rim Rain Forests
Anna Tsing | Matsutake: Global Encounters through a Mushroom
Chih-ming Wang | Studying Abroad: Intellectual Diaspora and the Making of Asia/America

Pascha Hansen | Women’s Human Rights and the Internal Conflict in Peru
Megan Thomas | Recovering and Preserving Late 19th-Century Newspapers of the Philippines

Nicholas Babin | Smallholder Persistence in Pacific Rim Coffee Landscapes
Kent Eaton | The Re-emergence of Territorial Politics in the Andes: Mayors vs. Multinationals?
Dina El Dessouky | Indigenous articulations of identity, rights and island space in Hawaiian and French Polynesian writing of the Nuclear Free
Yajun Mo | Tourism and Travel Culture in Republican Shanghai
Karin Mak | Migrant Women Workers' Resistance in Shenzhen
Michelle Olsgard | Assessing the sustainability of Tibetan harvests of rare endemic fungus Cordyceps sinensis
Aviva Sinervo | Child Vendors: Poverty and Childhood in Cusco, Peru
Peter Towbin | Deliberative Decision Making and Sustainable Development

Heather Swanson | Nature and Nation in the North Pacific: An Ethnography of Salmon Management in Japan and the U.S.

Michiko Kakezawa | Improving institutional accountability: the Environmental and social policy compliance at the Asian Development Bank in the Mekong river region
Sarah Romano | Securing Life-Sustaining Flows: The Emergence and Sustainability of Rural Water Users’ Associations in Nicaragua
Colin Tyner | Cultivating the Pristine in the Ogasawara Islands, 1830-2000

Alice Yang | Eternal Flames: Living Memories of the Asia Pacific War
Nellie Chu | Designing the World's Runways: The Emerging Culture of Fast Fashion in Guangzhou
Adam French | Water is Life: Climate Change, Globalization, and Adaptive Resource Governance on Peru's Pacific Slope
Peter Leykam | Markets and Meaning in China
Cindy Bello | Other Transitions: Colombian Aesthetics in the Wake of Modernity
Giacomo Bernardi | Community Based Marine Conservation: Locally Managed Marine Areas and Sustainable Development With the Community of Falalop, Ulithi Atoll, Federated States of Micronesia
Fang Yu Hu | Han Taiwanese Girls' Primary Education, 1897-1945: The Role of School and Home in a Gendered Colonial System
Jeremy Tai | Opening Up the Northwest: Reimagining Xi'an and the Modern Chinese Frontier
Kumiko Uyeda | The Ainu Music Revival: Negotiating a Multilayered Marginality
Sarah Kelman | Ethical Economies: Islamic Revivalism and Entrepreneurship in Malaysia
Martin Rizzo | No Somos Animales: Indigenous Diversity and Plurality in 19th Century Santa Cruz, California
Sara Lewis | Regulation and environmental performance: building new insights through the comparative study of salmon farming