Current Offerings

2014-15 Mini-grants for Advanced Graduate Students [pdf]

Advanced Graduate Minigrants support graduate students—the next generation of scholars. Proposals will be evaluated for scholarly merit, originality, purpose, relationship to existing research, theoretical framework, methodology, qualifications and role of each investigator and collaborator, adequacy of available resources, justification for the budget, anticipated scholarly products, tentative schedule, and plan for dissemination of the research results.

In addition to these features, successful proposals ordinarily include the following:

- Investigation across national, cultural, linguistic, and/or regional boundaries.

- Focus on interactions, flows, or major issues affecting the Pacific Rim region.

- Multi-disciplinary, multi-regional research is encouraged. Studies of single countries may be funded if the proposal articulates broader regional significance. “Collaboration” is broadly defined and need not be required in all aspects of the research.

- Studies of flora, fauna, diseases, minerals, and other natural phenomena that occur in the Pacific Rim will be considered only if they significantly enhance understanding of the Pacific Rim and its peoples.  Such proposals will receive more favorable consideration if they address cultural, social, or policy issues.

Prospective applicants are encouraged to discuss their proposals with campus research office staff or faculty representatives on the University-wide Executive Committee to evaluate appropriateness to the Program. The Pacific Rim Research Program does not normally support proposals focused solely on Mexico and the United States.  Investigators on such proposals are encouraged to explore funding opportunities offered by the UC MEXUS program.

While every effort is made to ensure that a range of disciplines, areas, and campuses are represented on the final awards list, the final criterion for an award is the excellence of the proposal.

Students may apply for a maximum of $5,000. The Advanced Graduate Minigrant Fellowships program will award 10 or more grants for 2014-2015.

The application period has closed for this competition. Results will be announced mid-May 2014.